Self Help in the Suburbs
Book launch

28 Nov 2020

C:O Presents: "Self Help in the Suburbs" Book Launch + Exhibition at Pig Melon.

Self Help in the Suburbs is a 76 page photo book of images 2015-2020. The book and images are a mix of anonymous scrawls, dubbed “Street Poetry” and throwaway snapshots from various iphones, ipods and cameras. The disposable nature of these images likens them to the short life of these messages. Room 2’s install attempts to recreate the feeling and environment many of images were shot in. Inspired by the makeshift fences of old Perth alleys and the way they evolve via degradation, weathering, and the constant battle between vandal and the grey paint blobs called “buff”."

Self Help in the Suburbs is a collection of snapshots and moments to be forgotten - Phone Photos and Street Poetry.

Book - Edition of 40 - 76 Pages
Limited Poster Prints
"Self Help" Art Installation