Sam Hayes Rm1
Ash Morgan Rm2
Robyn Bernadt KUDO Window

Opening 15 Oct 2021

Exhibition continues 16–22 Oct

Rm 1 - Sam Hayes : Error 404
Sam Hayes’ Error 404 aims to evoke mystery and a sense of fascination; challenging our relationship with technology and encouraging participants to explore the role these networks play in our lives. Error 404 reveals how we as a society have transformed our primitive needs and wants to an updated state of constant connection and a demand for instant gratification.

Rm 2 - Ash Morgan : Heat in the BodyHeat in the body. A warmth that swells and burns through the veins and muscles as your body sways, jumps, lunges and spins to sounds that make you feel something. The empty space that surrounds you. Limbs full of energy that make you lose track of time. Through specific abstraction a sense of distorted focus emerges. This consolidated series explores the physical and mental states I experience when dancing alone in an open space. As part of an ongoing project that birthed in the solitude of lockdown nearly 2 years ago, this installment titled ‘Heat in the Body’ hones in on the skills I have acquired to create a room filled with work which invites viewers to look a little longer, deciphering the abstracted figures before them and, hopefully, allowing them to relate.

KUDO Window - Robyn Bernadt : Collected
“Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tiny blasts of tiny trumpets, we have met the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us. Forward!” - Walt KellyHundreds of insects are intricately cut and sculpted from fragments of discarded cardboard packaging. The post-consumer waste is transformed into exquisite, ephemeral objects that celebrate the beauty of the natural world and subvert commodification by elevating the throw away. ‘Collected’ draws on the aesthetics of Victorian era cabinets of curiosity and insect collections. The materials and themes both serve as memento mori - a reminder of the inevitability and ever presence of death. Bernadt hopes to bring attention to the important role insects play in ecosystems and life cycles, and how they are threatened by climate change and ecological destruction.

Sam Hayes (@project.sam) is a designer and early career artist based in Boorloo (Perth), Western Australia. Growing up, Sam maintained a steady interest in analog technology, stockpiling PCs during verge side collections. In collaboration with his brother, these PCs were used to experiment with cracked and outdated versions of Photoshop & Illustrator. Such pastimes have greatly influenced and educated Hayes’ creative process and explain the digital overtones present in each artwork. Creating surreal and dreamy scenes using digital airbrushing techniques, Hayes combines his distinctive design aesthetic and a conceptual visual language that aims to evoke a sense of curiosity.

Ash Morgan is an emerging Boorloo (Perth) based artist with a Bachelor of Fine Art through Curtin University. Their multidisciplinary practice revolves around the act of dancing alone, utilizing movement and space to convey concepts relating to dancing and the self. Painting, digital media, video projections, sound and performance are the mediums used to bring this practice to life. Often collaborating with other creatives, Ash is welcoming of challenges that evolve their depictions of energy in the body and movement through space to create paintings and immersive artworks which blur the line between individual and group identity.

Robyn Bernadt is a paper artist residing in Boorloo (Perth), on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja. She graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Visual Art in 1999 and has since continued to practice and exhibit. Bernadt has had six solo shows since leaving university exhibiting her delicate paper works and once-off installations around Boorloo.After completing university, Bernadt was without an art studio. Due to limited space, she began making postcard-sized collages from found paper and second-hand books. Further developing her practice, she began to experiment with pop-up techniques and structural packaging design. There has always been an element of using recycled media in her work, and she is now choosing primarily found materials to make her mark on.

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