Rose Coloured Glasses group show

Opening 13 Aug 2021

Exhibition continues 14 – 20 August

Rose Coloured Glasses, featuring works by: Noor Asfoor, Tabitha Fisher, Alex Foster, Zainub Khan, Tarin Porter, Sophia Ramel, Elena Rayner, & Nikita Wynne.

The title and theme of this exhibition ‘Rose-Coloured Glasses’ refers to an unrealistically positive attitude that fails to acknowledge issues and complexities. Artists in this exhibition will draw on concepts of personal significance to question the role of selective ignorance in shaping injustices on an interpersonal and global level. Our works will address a range of topics including wealth inequality, compromised charities, environmental degradation, excessive consumption, biased news reporting and ethnic cleansing. Through our works, we wish to reflect our disillusionment with a culture of surface-level engagement.

Design Leigh Craft.