Outcome Unknown
Film screening

27 Nov 2021

Join us for a screening of The Well-Weathered Piano, a documentary on the music of Ross Bolleter, preceded by a set from some of the most daring sound-improvisers.

The Well-Weathered Piano (2015), directed by Rob Castiglione. Duration: 40 minutes.Ensemble performance featuring Sage Pbbbt (voice); Dan O'Connor (trumpet); Josten Myburgh & Simon Charles (saxophones); Lily Tait (violin); Eduardo Cossio (zithers).Where: Pig Melon, 181 Lord St, East PerthWhen: Saturday 27 November - Doors open at 7pm, starts at 7.30pm
Cost: $10

ROSS BOLLETER (b. 1946, Perth)Musician, poet, Zen master, composer regarded as one of Australia's foremost improvisers. His work has focused on the ruined piano:

“A Ruined Piano is not just any piano fallen into disrepair… The Ruined Piano… has moved far enough away from a working piano to make any traditional repertoire well nigh unplayable, and pretty much unrecognisable, on its keyboard. As a result of the individual history of its decay, it presents an array of unique and resonant sounds both produced at the keyboard, and by reaching inside it, or knocking on its wooden panels.”

Outcome Unknown is a monthly concert series of experimental music. Since 2016 it has hosted events in Perth and regional WA, and received a nomination for Industry Representative of the Year at the WA Music Awards 2018.This event is supported by Tura New Music.