Nicole Marrington Rm1
Anna Savage Rm2

Opening 26 Feb 2021 

Exhibition continues until 4 March

Rm 1: Nicole Marrington


A collection of illustrations and broken down workwear inspired by photographs of early arctic explorers. Their faces, weathered and once fearless, seamlessly merge with their clothing.

Here, their costume is not a garment but a direct extension of their character: functional, utilitarian and heroic. Nicole Marrington is a freelance costume designer and maker based in Perth, WA.

Rm 2 : Anna Savage, Some green paintings

When meditating on the impulse to create images in the current context, it seems apt to attempt to recreate the emotional feedback from every hit of info. To create messy and empty images including fragments from that brown cardigan video or the lawyer with the cat filter video, to expel these moments into a space that is calm in its abstracted formless mess. Imbued somehow with the latent power and logic of mould and mycelium, and an invocation for the power of mould to take our trash and turn it into something organic once more.

To find and digest every bit of microplastic with the same force that information recreates itself. Torn between a cynicism, fatigue and lamentation at the hopelessness to recover a sublime natural state on earth and the faith in technology and mycelium to overcome all of our problems.In the hopes of finding that quiet simple image that transcends the swampy mess of the internet and provides a space for respite.

Anna Savage (b. 1992, Melbourne, Australia) is an emerging artist and recent VCA graduate who works primarily in oils. She has a sensitive approach to mark making and uses colour and contrast as a vehicle for exploring feelings of comfort and discomfort. Particularly interested in how the tradition of early 20th century spiritualist painters can be translated into the contemporary era. She is interested in science fiction, mythologies and history, and how paintings can operate as both artifacts from the past or an imagined future.

Design Leigh Craft.