GAPE collective

Opening 2 Oct 2020 

Exhibition continues until 8 Oct

Femetiquette, GAPE collective (WA)

Femetiquette draws attention to a new social etiquette in which the female actively takes up space and exists in her chosen form.
The female gaze has been utilized as a lens through which to view the world in the mediums of photography, video and installation. The term ‘female gaze’ refers to the right of female identifying bodies to adopt the active and objectifying gaze that has traditionally and stereotypically been associated with males, undermining the dominant cultural alignment of masculinity with 'activity' and femininity with 'passivity'.

The artists of GAPE collective explore the abject nature of the female body, through the contradictory and absurd dichotomy of objectification that sees this form as simultaneously captivating and repulsive.

GAPE /ɡeɪp/
1. Be or become wide open.
2. Stare with one’s mouth open wide in amazement or wonder.GAPE collective is made up of interdisciplinary and photographic media artists based in Perth, Western Australia, (Whadjuk Noongar Boodja). The members of GAPE have university education studying Fine Art, inclusive of Bachelors and Honours from the years of 2008 – 2015. Most recently being selected to participate in the 2020 RESET Residency at the Perth Centre of Photography. Working in the mediums of photography, video, performance, installation and mixed media sculpture the artists collectively seek to create artworks and experiences that will entice and challenge the viewer.