Emma Regolini Rm1
Jennifer Sullivan Rm2

Opening 9 April 2021 

Exhibition continues until 15 April

Rm 1: Daniel Gevaux - Search For the New Light

In his latest solo exhibition, Gevaux revisits old work in a new light.WARNING: Strobe lighting will be used during the opening night of this show. It may not be safe for those with epilepsy or other light sensitive conditions.Gevaux loves nothing more than to walk and look and walk some more, occasionally taking photos along the way.

Rm 2 : Lyndon Blue - But Just Saying It Could Even Make It Happen

A professor steeped in post-Enlightenment rationalism may still reach to touch wood (where capricious spirits were said to reside) after describing an outcome not guaranteed. An entrepreneur on the train reads Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret; wonders if motivation, perspiration and inspiration are not as important as visualisation and articulation to bring him the luxury Fiat he desires and deserves. Mark Twain notes that he was born under Halley's comet, posits he will die when it returns, breathes his last as it skims past Earth.God creates the universe with an utterance, illuminates it with another. Lil B announces a curse on James Harden, causing the Rockets' loss to the Warriors in the 2015 Western Conference Finals. I make an art show about magical language, because I said I would, and because it began with a title that rendered it inevitable.‘

I just know that something good is gonna happen / I don’t know when / but just saying it could even make it happen.’ - Kate Bush, ‘Cloudbusting’ (1985)

Lyndon Blue is a musician, writer and artist from Boorloo/Perth, currently based between Walyalup/Fremantle and Birraranga/Melbourne. They often make art about magic, capitalism, spirituality, suburbia and sport (among other things) - working across painting, video, lo-fi sculpture, performance and installation.

Design Leigh Craft.