Opening 28 Dec 2019 

Co-ordinates: perspectives on place in contemporary WA photography.
Saturday 28th December

Artists: Chloe Bartram, Jacobus Capone, Simon Deadman, Jane Finlay, Michael Jalaru Torres, Alex Malkovic, Rebecca Orchard, Tim Palman, Emma Pegrum, Chloe Sobejko, Paul Sutherland, Aaron Webber, Duncan Wright, Christopher Young

Curated by Karl Halliday and Henry King

Co-ordinates is an exhibition and fundraising event that will bring together fourteen of WA’s leading and emerging artists to consider the concept of ‘place’ in relation to photographic practice. Engaging with each artist’s interpretation of the theme, Co-ordinates weaves together a mosaic of intimate perspectives that meditate upon our relationship to place on an individual, collective and cosmic scale. Across the show’s diverse and inventive exercise of the camera, we see photography employed as a biographical device for mapping memory and family history; as a ritual contemplating one’s connection to earth; as a cunning critique of photography’s own landscape tradition; and, as a call for action pressing for ecological preservation and governmental response - concerns that, with the mounting threat posed by the climate change crisis, have never been so urgently in need of address.

To support disadvantaged communities across the country, 100% of proceeds of artwork sales will be donated to Purple House. Purple House ( is an Indigenous-run mobile health service operating in remote Aboriginal communities across WA and Australia. All participating artists in Co-ordinates have kindly donated their work to be sold at an accessible price in support of the cause. Beer and wine will be available on the night, with accompanying DJ sets from local groove merchants Jack Hewitt, Megan Lester and Amphibia.

Special thanks to the artists, our printer Joseph Landro, and Pig Melon. Without the generosity of their support and service, this fundraiser would not be possible.