Brighde Silver O’Hara, Jade Van Herwaarde, Nina Wright Rm1/2
Ash Ramsey KUDO Window

Opening 10 June 2022

Exhibition continues: 11 June - 17 June 2022

Rm 1 & 2: Genesis - Brighde Silver O’Hara, Jade Van Herwaarde & Nina Wright
A group exhibition investigating ways in which femininity has traditionally been portrayed and perceived in storytelling, creation stories, folklore and fables.

KUDO Window: Falling and Laughing - Ash Ramsey
This body of work is entitled Falling and Laughing, named after a song by Scottish jangle pop band, Orange Juice. The song conveys a begrudging acceptance of the necessity for joy to co-exist with melancholy as part of the human experience and this idea is explored in Ramsey’s practice. While her paintings predominantly depict spontaneous moments of pleasure and playful interactions between people, pets and immediate surroundings, her ceramic vases represent a more private, intimate space of self-reflection and contemplation. When presented together, the two mediums suggest a sense of harmony and reciprocation between these states and affirm the importance of maintaining a balance between the two.

Brighde Silver O’Hara is an emerging artist, based in Walyalup (Fremantle). Brighde’s practice allows her to explore the intimate, intricate, welcoming, and innately feminine nature of textile-based ways of working. In this way, Brighde comments upon diverse topics including expressions of femininity, creation stories, fairy tales, and fantasy worlds. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Curtin University, Brighde has shown her work at the 2021 Fremantle Print Awards and has been involved in numerous group shows.

Jade Van Herwaarde is an emerging artist based in Walyalup (Fremantle). She explores touch, isolation, proximity and the internalisation of emotion, through painting and print-making processes. Her work is about her own experiences and surroundings, real or imagined, and always links portraiture and the human body. Jade recently graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Fine Art. She has been involved in various group shows, including "This is where we sleep '' at Intoo Studios and City of Fremantle's 25 under 25 Award.

Nina Wright is an emerging artist based in Walyalup (Fremantle). Her practice is constantly evolving as she navigates themes of creation, human nature and an existential search for meaning. Through a range of mediums including printmaking, sculpture and video art, she tells familiar stories in abstract ways for the modern audience. Nina is a recent graduate from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and has shown work in several group exhibitions around Perth, including the 2021 Fremantle Print Awards.

Ash Ramsey is a Perth artist who works predominantly with paint and clay. She graduated from Curtin University with a BFA (Honours) in 2013 before completing a DipEd at UWA. Ash is a high school Visual Arts teacher and makes art at Studios on Bulwer in her spare time. She is interested in the relationship between human interaction and private introspection, and is inspired by the urgency and visceral emotion of punk and related genres.

Design Leigh Craft. Photos Guy Louden.