Ash Tower Rm1
Harrison Riekie Rm2

Opening 10 Dec 2021

Exhibition continues 11 Dec –17 Dec 2021

Rm 1: Ash Tower - Via Purifico
Via Purifico is a collection of architectural objects that place the events of Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film Romeo + Juliet in the same universe as Squaresoft’s 2001 video game Final Fantasy X. The pairing of these worlds arises through their similar application of architecture, in particular, through their shared motif of the ‘ruin’, which suggests that each fictional world may be set in the remnants of the other. Via Purifico is a series of objects that connect the two universes in a non-linear timeline, refusing to clearly state which narrative universe is the precursor to the other, giving rise to indeterminate causal relationships evident within the objects.

Rm 2: Harrison Riekie - Provisional Locales
Provisional Locales presents several documented earthworks from the metropolitan region and an accompanying video component. Navigating windows of accessibility and limited by a daily cycle, the works are constructed with a rake and found objects within the area. With this in mind, there is an emphasis on only disrupting the top layer of soil and leaving an impermanent mark on the location. The artist asks to consider the contrast between the stability and certainty of a natural rhythmical cycle and its relationship to speed, progress and quasi-development.

Ash Tower (he/him) is an Adelaide-based artist and researcher. His practice examines the construction of knowledge, the history of science and technology, and the history of architecture. He has exhibited nationally, at such institutions as Floating Goose Studios (2021), Cool Change Contemporary (2018), FELTspace (2017) and Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (2014).

Harrison Riekie is an emerging artist based in Boorloo (Perth). He explores ideas of place, growth, and simulation through temporary mark making and digital mediums. Influenced by the preoccupation with progress and perpetual occupation it induces, Riekie works in places of environmental transition to explore the irony of development and alter the experience of place. He has previously shown work in local exhibitions, Goolugatup Invitational 2021, FAC Print Award 2021, Hatched: National Graduate Show 2021 (PICA), Take Only Memories 2021(Midland Junction Arts Centre).

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